Hotel directly on the sea

A holiday four-legged

A holiday is not such if not you can spend with those you love, even if it has four legs, a beak, or two fins. We have had guests with dogs, cats, parrots... any animal at the Hotel Golden Pendant is welcome!

We just ask that you notify us at time of booking to prepare the room according to your needs. At your arrival, you will be supplied with a small plate of welcome in the shape of a bone to be inserted in the collar of your dog, with references, of the hotel name and phone number).

In all of the beaches are pet-friendly: if you're looking for a beach, pet-friendly, specially equipped for dogs, the Bathroom Amerigo 60 is for you!

Let us know what you need

If you prefer to use your pet, the more familiar your dog or cat, you can take them with you; alternatively we will provide you with us, dog beds, according to the needs of your four-legged friend.

We are at your complete disposal for special request for the power supply: for example, if your four-legged friend is used to eating a certain brand of kibble, please let us know and we will purchase them for you. You only need to tell us what you need and we will prepare everything you need for your inseparable friend, so you can enjoy your journey in peace without overloading of luggage your car without fear of having forgotten something!